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Enjoy Your Ride with a Stretch Limo

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Everyone loves lavishness. When you are at beautiful city like Dublin, it will be truly memorable to tour their city with style. It really matters what you drive or ride to and from your destination. If you are planning to attend a special event, you need to think seriously about how to get there. Limos are popular for their style and massive look. People those are riding limos, they attract attention from the onlookers easily. Therefore, it will be best to reach at your event with stretch limo. It is true that, hiring limos are an expensive matter and someone can’t hire that each time. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to indulge a little extravagance when you can. Driving in a limo is probably one of such things you need to do. The joy of riding in a Dublin limousine is truly an unparallel experience.

Here are some additional benefits of Limo

Choose limo for safe journey 

Traveling together ensures safety in numbers, with none who matter being left. Everyone wants to traveling to their destination and returning their home safely. Hiring stretch limo is the right way to go. All most all limos are being driven by well experienced chauffeurs and they have more skill compared to other drivers. Most of them have a long term experience without any stain and you can easily trust on them.

It is imperative to have everyone on board and be there for each other during the night, in the event of the unexpected. In any occasion that has a large group of people in attendance has some form of overindulging in alcohol. It true that, alcohol has the capacity to later the judgment. Therefore, it is important enough to have some form of transportation arrangement that can be trusted. Planning to hire a stretch limo will be the best to come out from these types of uncertainties. Hiring stretch limos is a great step to make journey without any hurdles. 

Enough space

A stretch limo offers sufficient room for everyone, particularly if you are traveling with some of your friends. Everyone gets enough space and enjoy some quality drinks as your drive to your destination. None of your friends will miss out and everyone will enjoy the journey. Plus, one the off chance, if you are going for late night out, there will be no worries if you have stretch limo. This service can get everyone to their preferred location without any hassle.

Romantic getaway

 If you are planning to impress your partner, a trip in limo will be the best. A romantic getaway in these limos will work magically. Your relationship will go stronger. It is truly unmatchable experience when you are making a trip with your partner in a lavish limo full with roses and champagne. You can enjoy an intimate time on your way to your gateway destination. Plus, these limos are the perfect choice to pop the big question and propose to your date. 

A great choice for bridal team

Stretch limo is known as the conventional option for lavish transport for the bridal team. It will cater a royal experience to bridal team and such experiences are unique. It allows the team an ideal opportunity to share a romantic ride to honeymoon destination. These limos are elegant, luxurious and fill with comfort. Therefore, if you are planning to make your ride memorable, never shy away hire stretch limos.

We at AKP Chauffeur Drive, provide luxurious limos those are not going to make your next trip to Dublin memorable but also it will fill with fun. Trained staff along with dependable drivers will make your journey comfortable. So, call us to hire Dublin stretch limo and make your trip to Dublin memorable.

Limo Hire Dublin Enjoying Every Part of a Scheduled Trip

Monday, October 29th, 2018

Organizing a party with your friends is one way you can treat yourself to an outdoor event. Your friends, on the other hand, can invite other people outside of your circle to join the party. However, you may become worried when guests are not trooping in as expected. Perhaps, your party location is at the beach. You shouldn’t expect all your guests to arrive at the party at the same time. Some will have a hard time with getting along with traffic. However, you can have everyone present at your party without giving excuses, courtesy of a limo hire in Dublin. Therefore, here are some reasons that can justify your reliance on a limo hire in Dublin.

Dublin Limos

1. VIP treatment

You cannot compare the comfort you can have with hiring a limo to a taxi. Apart from the luxury treatment you get to enjoy your privacy. There is a curtain that separates you and the chauffeur whose sole job is to take you to your destination. The fact is that you cannot get this type of treatment when you hire a taxi. Rather, chauffeurs handling limo hire in Dublin are ready to treat every client with high dignity and regard.

2. Comfort

You can have a lot of activities ongoing in a limo before you arrive at your destination. The reason is that a limo has enough space to accommodate whoever you choose to travel with during your trip. Perhaps, you can decide to watch the television, have a chat with your friends, and share drinks while in traffic. This way, it may be quite impossible to think of boredom.

3. Professionalism

Road rage is one of the major causes of accidents which can sometimes be fatal. Therefore, you rest assured of safe driving because every chauffer of a limo hire in Dublin handles limos with care. With this action, you are aware that your life isn’t in danger because you are not the wheel. Whoever must convey you to your party, in a limo, has the certified license to do so.

Finally, you shouldn’t resort to driving long distance journeys with your friends when you can hire a limo service. Why bore yourself with driving when you can get a VIP treatment with a Limo to hire in Dublin? Be like your friends as you sit back and relax to enjoy a good ride to your destination. Make your bookings today and make traveling easy for you.

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Clonsilla ( Blanchardstown ) Dublin 15 & Dublin 11

Vintage Wedding Cars in Dublin – 5 Tips to Enjoy a Dream Ride

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Travelling in a classic car, couples in Ireland are now seen hosting their weddings in splendid medieval castles. Those who cannot, by choice or due to the lack of availability, are choosing for living their dream on wheels of convertible vintage style cars. By adding a touch of splendor to their special day. In an attempt to be unique, more Irish couples are opting for vintage wedding cars in Dublin. These look both elegant and smart for their wedding day transportation. From 1930’s Style Vintage Beauford cars to 1920’s Style Vintage Regent Car. The options can be as interesting as their dream.

Vintage Wedding Cars in Dublin

The charm and luxury of vintage wedding cars in Dublin certainly make them a great choice with soon-to-wed lovers all over the Ireland. With those looking to have a classical or traditional wedding theme. Vintage wedding car rental in Dublin can be a little more difficult than renting a modern car. However, AKP Chauffeur Drive is ready to guide you in this matter. We have the most professional fleet of vintage wedding cars to make the most of your wedding transportation. So, follow our 5 tips drawn out from our vintage car hire service experience and make the wedding day truly memorable in your life:

Go for a specific make or model

Do you need a vintage wedding car in Dublin. You should try to find out the special one that has been a part of your wedding dream. Probably you can go for a car similar to the one your grandparents or parents used at the time of their wedding. You could choose a model that was launched in the year you were born. If your forefathers used to drive a particular model of car you could think of hiring one that matches with that look.

Take a look at the replacement rules

Most of Ireland wedding car suppliers will assure a replacement policy. This will allow a change your vintage wedding car with a perfect alternative in case it does not suit your theme or is found to be out of stock for any unfortunate reason. The hired vintage wedding car in Dublin should be replaced with another one in vintage style. If not with a suitable modern car, so it’s necessary to take a look at the replacement policy of the car supplier and be sure that the replaced one is very close to your chosen car.

Make sure parking availability

Confirm parking availability with the wedding venue so that you don’t have to search for a suitable place nearby to park your vintage wedding car. Such types of cars are often spacious than modern cars and need more space to park conveniently. So, be sure that the chauffeur will get enough parking spaces to wait for you.

Plan for a gorgeous exit

When you schedule your pick up and drop off time. You should consider additional time to take some initial clicks in your bridal gown and head towards the ceremony later. It is better to include a few more minutes to practice getting in and coming out of the car. It will be different in size and shape from the modern varieties you used to travelling in . Moreover, plan for a gorgeous entry and exit.

Consider your car as a background for photo shoot

Vintage wedding cars in Dublin are stunning and have traditional character. They can be the perfect background for your wedding photo shoot. If possible park it against a magnificent backdrop and take your group photo standing next to it. Also, consider having a couple of shots having the car in your background. Vintage wedding car shots can look fabulous in b/w or sepia tone, so discuss about the options with the wedding photographer in advance.

Vintage Wedding Car Hire in Dublin

Are you still waiting to execute your dream wedding ride in Dublin with a suitable offer on Vintage wedding car hire? Contact us at AKP Chauffeur Drive at the earliest! Our fleet of vintage wedding cars in Dublin is ready to hire with options like Wine (Red) & Silver 1930’s Beauford convertible and 1920’s Regent vintage style convertible. For more details, get in touch with us at 087 2896129!

Why Should You Hire A Limo For Your Wedding?

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Limos are now, not reserve for a certain class of people. This is the reason, Why Should You Hire A Limo For Your Wedding?. Presently, you don’t have to work hard while searching the right limo service provider. Special occasions like wedding, birthday celebration or anniversary. All these occasions will be memorable while you are reaching at the venue with limo. Not only in Dublin but limos are the first choice for these special occasions around the world.

While you are gearing up for the wedding, it will be a great feeling while, you are reaching the venue on a limo. This is the right occasion in a life which gives a celebrity feeling. People also try to enjoy their wedding in king size. This is not only restricted for a time frame but also stays for life. With the help of limo service providers, there will be not much pressure on your pocket but it will slightly increase your planning amount. These limos have enough space to have the utmost comfort for the newly married couple. Enough space will make sure that, you don’t have any fold to it. This is because, it will properly soothe your body and there will be no external pressure due to lack of space. Just imagine, you are getting cozy with your bride or groom. Limo is an important part of king size marriages and it undoubtedly enhances your reputation in society.

Dublin is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hence, maximum people flock here to celebrate their special occasions and needless to mention, most of them opt limo hire in Dublin. Gone those days, when black and white limos were available to hire for. Now, there is a plethora of different choices which will help you choosing the perfect limo to meet your requirement. If you love the classic look, there are classic limos available and they can host eight to twelve people inside.

Some people don’t want to limit their choices only in classic limos. Hummer stretch limos dublin are also a huge popularity and some of the people love to hire it for a fantastic experience. According to many, these sedans are bold and it will clearly showcase your personality and bold choice. There will be no stone unturned while hiring any limo for your special occasion. On the other words, hiring a limo is a perfect decision to make your event memorable.

5 Wedding Limo Tips for Brides in Dublin

Monday, March 19th, 2018

Planning to book a wedding limo in Dublin? There are a lot of questions that may strike your mind. First of all, you may wonder whether a wedding limousine is really necessary, then you might think how many cars you’ve to hire.

After that, you must be wondering a wedding car style that will fit your personality and preferences perfectly. With all these questions popping up in your mind, it seems easy to get a little stressed when it comes to planning your wedding.

Don’t need to worry about; instead just follow our simple wedding limo tips to choose your dream car in no time:

Think about Your Wedding Gown.

When prepping for a wedding day, the last thing any bride thinks about is the wedding gown. But do you ever think what will you do when your bridal dress won’t able to fit into the car? Some wedding cars simply work perfectly than others for more dramatic, princess-style gowns.

For a larger dress, you can choose the Baby Bentley and the Chrysler limos. For a smaller dress, you should go for the Regent Convertible and the Mercedes E Class wedding limo in Dublin.

Think about Your Travel Companion.

It’s the tradition for the bride to travel with her father. Nowadays, most of the brides challenge this tradition, seeking to travel with all of their bridal party or their family.

This is the main reason why wedding limos are becoming more and more sought after vehicles, offering roomy space for the entire party to be the part of your special journey.

Besides, you could opt for a traditional transfer and book a complimentary car for your bridal party. While not mandatory, as he’ll be traveling with you post-ceremony, your groom may want to make an entrance in the ceremony in style and luxury.

For more traditional appearance, a Regent Convertible wedding limo in Dublin is highly recommended for you. For the bridesmaids or the groom’s party, you can choose the Baby Bentley as your wedding transportation.

Book Early.

Wedding transportation companies have only a limited number of vintage wedding limos and cars available for you. They can’t assure they’ll have your wedding date available, but with prior booking of wedding limo, it is more likely you can get your hands on the car of your dreams.

Contact Wedding Limo Company Ahead of the Big Day.

Likewise, most events, proper planning make things run a lot easier and leave you relaxed before and on the Big Day. Just before the wedding, make sure you speak to your wedding limos company in Dublin and discuss timings, the route to the venue.

Remember, you should give time for any changes to the plan or diversions for the traffic or peak hours.

Think about Wedding Car Decoration.

You’ll need to think about the styling of your wedding limo in Dublin. Most of the wedding transportation companies adorn wedding cars with ribbons and bows complementing the unique theme.

Therefore, you should let them know what exactly you’re looking for and they’ll provide you the wedding limos in Dublin of your choice for your special day!

Conclusion –

Now you’ve got a few pointers regarding your wedding day transportation. For a hassle-free, relaxing, and luxurious journey to the venue, book your wedding limo in Dublin through AKP Chauffeur Drive and make an impressive entrance to your venue!

Which of our wedding car would be your dream choice for your wedding in Dublin? Feel free to tell us your answers in the comment section below or tweet us @weddingcars See our Google Location