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Enjoy Your Ride with a Stretch Limo

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Everyone loves lavishness. When you are at beautiful city like Dublin, it will be truly memorable to tour their city with style. It really matters what you drive or ride to and from your destination. If you are planning to attend a special event, you need to think seriously about how to get there. Limos are popular for their style and massive look. People those are riding limos, they attract attention from the onlookers easily. Therefore, it will be best to reach at your event with stretch limo. It is true that, hiring limos are an expensive matter and someone can’t hire that each time. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to indulge a little extravagance when you can. Driving in a limo is probably one of such things you need to do. The joy of riding in a Dublin limousine is truly an unparallel experience.

Here are some additional benefits of Limo

Choose limo for safe journey 

Traveling together ensures safety in numbers, with none who matter being left. Everyone wants to traveling to their destination and returning their home safely. Hiring stretch limo is the right way to go. All most all limos are being driven by well experienced chauffeurs and they have more skill compared to other drivers. Most of them have a long term experience without any stain and you can easily trust on them.

It is imperative to have everyone on board and be there for each other during the night, in the event of the unexpected. In any occasion that has a large group of people in attendance has some form of overindulging in alcohol. It true that, alcohol has the capacity to later the judgment. Therefore, it is important enough to have some form of transportation arrangement that can be trusted. Planning to hire a stretch limo will be the best to come out from these types of uncertainties. Hiring stretch limos is a great step to make journey without any hurdles. 

Enough space

A stretch limo offers sufficient room for everyone, particularly if you are traveling with some of your friends. Everyone gets enough space and enjoy some quality drinks as your drive to your destination. None of your friends will miss out and everyone will enjoy the journey. Plus, one the off chance, if you are going for late night out, there will be no worries if you have stretch limo. This service can get everyone to their preferred location without any hassle.

Romantic getaway

 If you are planning to impress your partner, a trip in limo will be the best. A romantic getaway in these limos will work magically. Your relationship will go stronger. It is truly unmatchable experience when you are making a trip with your partner in a lavish limo full with roses and champagne. You can enjoy an intimate time on your way to your gateway destination. Plus, these limos are the perfect choice to pop the big question and propose to your date. 

A great choice for bridal team

Stretch limo is known as the conventional option for lavish transport for the bridal team. It will cater a royal experience to bridal team and such experiences are unique. It allows the team an ideal opportunity to share a romantic ride to honeymoon destination. These limos are elegant, luxurious and fill with comfort. Therefore, if you are planning to make your ride memorable, never shy away hire stretch limos.

We at AKP Chauffeur Drive, provide luxurious limos those are not going to make your next trip to Dublin memorable but also it will fill with fun. Trained staff along with dependable drivers will make your journey comfortable. So, call us to hire Dublin stretch limo and make your trip to Dublin memorable.

How much does a Dublin Limo Cost

Sunday, November 4th, 2018

So you want to hire a limo in dublin Ireland, so first things first you may google “how much does a limo in dublin cost”.  Then what will you do? As it can be very daunting for someone to call to find out about Dublin Limo Cost if you haven’t done it before.  Most people don’t have a lot of experience with limousines and transportation and may not be sure how to start.Dublin Limos

So you want to hire a limo in Dublin Ireland?

You want to hire a limo in dublin, but you are not sure how much a limo costs. It can be very intimidating for someone to call about the cost of a limo if you haven’t done it before. Most people don’t have a lot of experience with limousines and transportation and may not be sure how to start.



Limos Dublin Limo Hire Dublin


Silver Limos DublinIt even becomes more complicated when you start to learn about how many different types of limousines exist. Consider the ways you can book them and the answer to a cost of a limo becomes even harder to define.

Silver Limousines Hire Dublin

Limousine Hire Dublin Cost

Unless you are lucky enough to know somebody who owns a limo company, it is best to come prepared with your questions and ideas before making that first call.

So let’s talk about the best way to find out about Dublin Limo Cost for your next event.


Party Bus Hire Dublin

Party Bus Hire Dublin

Debs Party Bus Hire Dublin

Debs Party Bus Hire Dublin



How Much Does a Limo in Dublin Cost?

There are the top 4 things you need to know when trying to determine how much a limo costs.
1. Limos in Dublin come in lots of shapes and forms

Not all stretch limos in Dublin are the same. Some limos hold only 7 some 8 people.  Whilst others might hold 20 people or more (party bus limos in Dublin).  Some limos might be Jeeps made into limos while others might be traditional
cars. Each type will have a different cost so knowing how big a limo in dublin ireland you need and the type you want will be a big help.

2. When, Where and what occassion can detrermine your cost

Like many other services, certain days of the week or times of the year have a greater demand. Demand will definitely play a role in how much your limo will cost. The Weekend dates are more popular wedding days so the cost of a limo is often greater because limo companies are busier.  Meanwhile, mid – week are much slower resulting in a lower cost of a limo. So renting a limo for a concert or sporting event during the week will likely cost less than it would on a weekend.

3. How long do you require the limo for?

Most limos will cost you an hourly rate. Hourly rates for limos can range anywhere from 140 – 300 euro per hour depending on the company and the style of the limo.


Sometimes, there will also be minimum time for renting a limo so understand that you probably can’t rent a limo for only 30 minutes. When hiring a limo in Dublin, say 2 or more hours or more, you may get a discount on your hourly rate thus lowering the total cost of the limo.
Many rentals for events like Nights on the Town or Hen & Stag Parties Parties will last 2 or more hours.

Ultimately, there are many factors that will impact the cost of your limo. It is important that you ask questions that will help you determine the total cost of the limo.

Finally, enjoy the limo! Renting a limo is a special event and you should make the most of the time in the limo. For one night, you get to be that famous movie star or rock star, relaxing in the back of an amazing limo.





Gold Limousine Hire Dublin Ireland

Gold Limousine Hire Dublin Ireland

Athlumney Navan Co. Meath

Clonsilla ( Blanchardstown ) Dublin 15 & Dublin 11

Limo Hire Dublin Enjoying Every Part of a Scheduled Trip

Monday, October 29th, 2018

Organizing a party with your friends is one way you can treat yourself to an outdoor event. Your friends, on the other hand, can invite other people outside of your circle to join the party. However, you may become worried when guests are not trooping in as expected. Perhaps, your party location is at the beach. You shouldn’t expect all your guests to arrive at the party at the same time. Some will have a hard time with getting along with traffic. However, you can have everyone present at your party without giving excuses, courtesy of a limo hire in Dublin. Therefore, here are some reasons that can justify your reliance on a limo hire in Dublin.

Dublin Limos

1. VIP treatment

You cannot compare the comfort you can have with hiring a limo to a taxi. Apart from the luxury treatment you get to enjoy your privacy. There is a curtain that separates you and the chauffeur whose sole job is to take you to your destination. The fact is that you cannot get this type of treatment when you hire a taxi. Rather, chauffeurs handling limo hire in Dublin are ready to treat every client with high dignity and regard.

2. Comfort

You can have a lot of activities ongoing in a limo before you arrive at your destination. The reason is that a limo has enough space to accommodate whoever you choose to travel with during your trip. Perhaps, you can decide to watch the television, have a chat with your friends, and share drinks while in traffic. This way, it may be quite impossible to think of boredom.

3. Professionalism

Road rage is one of the major causes of accidents which can sometimes be fatal. Therefore, you rest assured of safe driving because every chauffer of a limo hire in Dublin handles limos with care. With this action, you are aware that your life isn’t in danger because you are not the wheel. Whoever must convey you to your party, in a limo, has the certified license to do so.

Finally, you shouldn’t resort to driving long distance journeys with your friends when you can hire a limo service. Why bore yourself with driving when you can get a VIP treatment with a Limo to hire in Dublin? Be like your friends as you sit back and relax to enjoy a good ride to your destination. Make your bookings today and make traveling easy for you.

Athlumney Navan Co. Meath

Clonsilla ( Blanchardstown ) Dublin 15 & Dublin 11

Stretch Limos in Dublin help make your event special

Monday, May 28th, 2018

Do you need to hire the super duper stretch limousines this season for your graduation event? Rather than going helter skelter in search of an exotic brand of vehicle to hire for your upcoming debs ball, why not go for a stretch limousine car? Go for exotic  modern stretch limousines and be marvelled at the style and excellence you debs is sure to attain.

Are you ready to hire  the best limo?

Come on in!!  the stretch limo is the best choice of cars when it comes to making choices of cars. You can simply hand pick from the stretch limousines like Lincoln and mercedes. You can pick based and depending on the choice of car, colour, style, seating capacity and prestige. AKP Chauffeur Drive offers you a select variety of quality cars to serve you at your wedding.

Are you preparing for your wedding? People pass through this mind boggling and very frustrating situation of hiring the best car perfectly suited for their wedding.  AKP Chauffeur Drive has the best collection of Stretch Limos in Wicklow and even they help in making a perfect selection for your wedding day.

Stretch Silver Limos Dublin

Stretch Silver Limos Dublin

Some of the highlights of the stretch limos at AKP Chauffeur Drive

These are the very best  Stretch Limos Dublin are almost new car which are made to look old, allowing you to travel greater distances and at greater speeds.

The Beauford convertible is beautifully finished in choice of metallic colours- Sapphire & Silver. The unique roof design of this Limousine car Dublin also allows the bride to travel with the roof off without disturbing her hair.

The regent convertible comes in choice of two colours Sapphire & Silver. It is a larger car which is comfortable for any trip.

The Lincoln town car  colours and these cars brings the two unique styles stretch limousines in Dublin  together.

Stretch Limousines are  cars are one of the most important things that couples pay less attention to. However, stretch limos are as important as any other item on the event list.

A Limo Rental Is The Best Option To Explore What Dublin Has To Offer

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

The capital of any nation is an excellent starting point to explore & Ireland is no exemption. Whether you’re a traveler to Dublin or you’ve decided to spend your vacation at home – Dublin is more interesting to look around when you have the right transportation under your belt. And a limo hire in Dublin is probably the best way to start exploring the city at your own pace. Sightseeing tours in Dublin on a limousine ensure a fun, comfortable and interesting trip altogether.

If you are not sure yet about the premier sightseeing places in Dublin, let us guide you

St. Patrick’s Cathedral:

Built on the location where St. Patrick is believed to have baptized some 600 years ago, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is the largest church in Dublin. At present, this cathedral is one of the most recognized & beloved cathedrals in the planet earth, receiving approximately 500,000 tourists annually. Whenever you are here, don’t miss to spend ample time appreciating the soaring vaulted ceilings & exquisite details that represent the Gothic style.

Dublin Castle:

Dublin Castle has played a big part in Ireland’s history since the land was used by Vikings to construct a fortress in the 930s. At present Dublin Castle provides a blend of both new and old. It caters several functions, for hosting overseas dignitaries & state dinners to accommodating some of Ireland’s govt offices & commercial space accessible for private events. The castle also includes well-maintained areas such as the luxury State Apartments that were home to the Viceregal court from 1680-1830.

Dublin Castle is open to the public every Monday through Saturday from 9:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.
See our Google Location
Grafton Street:

If you are a shopping enthusiast, then ask your limo driver to head towards Grafton Street – Dublin’s premier shopping destination. This electrifying street buzzes from morning to night and is a magnet for entertainers, from classical orchestras to typical fiddle players & songwriters. Numerous famed bands & musicians have given unscripted performances here. Apart from entertainers, here you’ll find a wide variety of jewelers, boutiques and departments stores including upmarket Brown Thomas. For shopping adventure, it is well worth taking a little diversion to the arty Powerscourt Townhouse Centre with its exquisite designer shops & trendy places to dine.

The National Gallery of Ireland:

Housing some of the finest collection of Irish art and European art from the middle Ages to the current era – National Gallery of Ireland is a must visit whenever you are in Dublin. Spreading over four levels, the gallery regularly hosts remarkable temporary exhibitions that are worth watching.

For luxury limo hire in Dublin to enjoy your trip in the most comfortable manner, you can rely on AKP Chauffeur Drive. Our well-maintained fleet of limos will definitely suit your travel requirement. Let us arrange the best sightseeing limo in Dublin for you. For booking, dial us on 087 2896129.

For a party bus hire in Dublin, you can rely on AKP Chauffeur Drive Wedding Cars & Limousines. We offer limo hire for wedding and Debs Ball in Ireland that ensures a stylish, comfortable and affordable transportation.

To make your booking and know more about our wedding limo party bus hire in Dublin, please contact us today at 087 2896129!

AKP Chauffeur Drive Wedding Cars is located in two Convenient locations which help us to serve the following areas easily with our limos and limo hire in Dublin

These are some of the areas in Meath that we find are popular for our service they are Ratoath, Dunshaughlin, Ashbourne, Julianstown, Dunboyne, Summerhill, Balrath, Slane, Clonee

In the Dublin Area there are quite a few areas such as Clongriffin, Donaghmede, Portmarnock, Baldoyle, Beaumont, Santry, Finglas, Blanchardstown, Castleknock, Ongar, Mulhuddart, Cabra

Also on the Southside of Dublin there is Lucan, Clondalkin, Dublin 22, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Firhouse, Stepaside, Rathfarnham, Palmerstown, Ballyfermot

In Louth there is Tullyallen, Drogheda, Castlebellingham, Dunleer, Termonfeckin, Dundalk, Ardee

In Kildare the Popular areas are Celbridge, Leixlip, Naas, Newbridge, Maynooth, Sallins, Clane

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