Vintage Wedding Cars in Dublin – 5 Tips to Enjoy a Dream Ride

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Travelling in a classic car, couples in Ireland are now seen hosting their weddings in splendid medieval castles. Those who cannot, by choice or due to the lack of availability, are choosing for living their dream on wheels of convertible vintage style cars. By adding a touch of splendor to their special day. In an attempt to be unique, more Irish couples are opting for vintage wedding cars in Dublin. These look both elegant and smart for their wedding day transportation. From 1930’s Style Vintage Beauford cars to 1920’s Style Vintage Regent Car. The options can be as interesting as their dream.

Vintage Wedding Cars in Dublin

The charm and luxury of vintage wedding cars in Dublin certainly make them a great choice with soon-to-wed lovers all over the Ireland. With those looking to have a classical or traditional wedding theme. Vintage wedding car rental in Dublin can be a little more difficult than renting a modern car. However, AKP Chauffeur Drive is ready to guide you in this matter. We have the most professional fleet of vintage wedding cars to make the most of your wedding transportation. So, follow our 5 tips drawn out from our vintage car hire service experience and make the wedding day truly memorable in your life:

Go for a specific make or model

Do you need a vintage wedding car in Dublin. You should try to find out the special one that has been a part of your wedding dream. Probably you can go for a car similar to the one your grandparents or parents used at the time of their wedding. You could choose a model that was launched in the year you were born. If your forefathers used to drive a particular model of car you could think of hiring one that matches with that look.

Take a look at the replacement rules

Most of Ireland wedding car suppliers will assure a replacement policy. This will allow a change your vintage wedding car with a perfect alternative in case it does not suit your theme or is found to be out of stock for any unfortunate reason. The hired vintage wedding car in Dublin should be replaced with another one in vintage style. If not with a suitable modern car, so it’s necessary to take a look at the replacement policy of the car supplier and be sure that the replaced one is very close to your chosen car.

Make sure parking availability

Confirm parking availability with the wedding venue so that you don’t have to search for a suitable place nearby to park your vintage wedding car. Such types of cars are often spacious than modern cars and need more space to park conveniently. So, be sure that the chauffeur will get enough parking spaces to wait for you.

Plan for a gorgeous exit

When you schedule your pick up and drop off time. You should consider additional time to take some initial clicks in your bridal gown and head towards the ceremony later. It is better to include a few more minutes to practice getting in and coming out of the car. It will be different in size and shape from the modern varieties you used to travelling in . Moreover, plan for a gorgeous entry and exit.

Consider your car as a background for photo shoot

Vintage wedding cars in Dublin are stunning and have traditional character. They can be the perfect background for your wedding photo shoot. If possible park it against a magnificent backdrop and take your group photo standing next to it. Also, consider having a couple of shots having the car in your background. Vintage wedding car shots can look fabulous in b/w or sepia tone, so discuss about the options with the wedding photographer in advance.

Vintage Wedding Car Hire in Dublin

Are you still waiting to execute your dream wedding ride in Dublin with a suitable offer on Vintage wedding car hire? Contact us at AKP Chauffeur Drive at the earliest! Our fleet of vintage wedding cars in Dublin is ready to hire with options like Wine (Red) & Silver 1930’s Beauford convertible and 1920’s Regent vintage style convertible. For more details, get in touch with us at 087 2896129!

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