Why Rent A Convertible Vintage Wedding Car In Dublin? Top 5 Reasons

May 14th, 2018 Comments Off on Why Rent A Convertible Vintage Wedding Car In Dublin? Top 5 Reasons

It’s every bride’s absolute dream to remember her wedding day forever, because of her dress, her hair – in short, everything that’ll remind her later of her own fairy tale. Here at AKP Chauffeur Drive, we’ve over the years witnessed several wedding trends come & go. However, one that certainly has stood the test of time is the luxury wedding car.

Being a leading supplier of Vintage wedding car hire in Dublin one thing that we’re being asked regularly is whether brides should go for a convertible or not. If you’re not sure, listed here are the top 5 advantages of renting a convertible wedding car in Dublin.

Style and looks are simply awesome:

Convertible cars offer the perfect background for your wedding photographs. On your convertible, you can take amazing groups snaps of the guest and family and obviously the happy couple with the “happily married” sign.

Yearlong wedding car:

Besides great look, convertible cars are also pretty practical when you have to face the Ireland weather on your special day. They’re perfectly spacious for your large wedding gown, with big doors, plenty of headroom & the ability to let the sunshine in.

A touch of glamour:

Want to add a touch of glamour to your Big Day? If yes, then a convertible car is your best option. Alongside other decorative accessories, convertible cars are always coupled with high-class & style. A bride must arrive at her wedding place in style and a convertible car makes just that happen.

Consider a vintage convertible to add a little extra:

A vintage convertible like our silver Beauford car is guaranteed to add that special touch to your special day, as timeless vintage cars are going hand in hand, especially in luxury weddings. Hiring a roofless car can make your special day unforgettable for both you as well as your guests.

Modern convertible cars:

Your bridal party & family would certainly be grateful for a lavish convertible car with a contemporary twist. The facilities available in modern convertible cars also make them the first choice when it comes to unique yet luxury wedding transportation in Dublin.

Are you interested in getting a free quote for Vintage wedding car hire in Dublin? Contact AKP Chauffeur Drive today! Our stunning Wine (Red) & Silver 1930’s Beauford convertible is readily available for booking. Our stunning 1920’s Regent vintage style convertible is also a great option if you are looking for spacious wedding car that allows plenty of room for the bride and her dress. For any further inquiry, don’t hesitate to call us on 087 2896129!

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