Stretch Limos in Dublin help make your event special

May 28th, 2018 Comments Off on Stretch Limos in Dublin help make your event special

Do you need to hire the super duper stretch limousines this season for your graduation event? Rather than going helter skelter in search of an exotic brand of vehicle to hire for your upcoming debs ball, why not go for a stretch limousine car? Go for exotic  modern stretch limousines and be marvelled at the style and excellence you debs is sure to attain.

Are you ready to hire  the best limo?

Come on in!!  the stretch limo is the best choice of cars when it comes to making choices of cars. You can simply hand pick from the stretch limousines like Lincoln and mercedes. You can pick based and depending on the choice of car, colour, style, seating capacity and prestige. AKP Chauffeur Drive offers you a select variety of quality cars to serve you at your wedding.

Are you preparing for your wedding? People pass through this mind boggling and very frustrating situation of hiring the best car perfectly suited for their wedding.  AKP Chauffeur Drive has the best collection of Stretch Limos in Wicklow and even they help in making a perfect selection for your wedding day.

Stretch Silver Limos Dublin

Stretch Silver Limos Dublin

Some of the highlights of the stretch limos at AKP Chauffeur Drive

These are the very best  Stretch Limos Dublin are almost new car which are made to look old, allowing you to travel greater distances and at greater speeds.

The Beauford convertible is beautifully finished in choice of metallic colours- Sapphire & Silver. The unique roof design of this Limousine car Dublin also allows the bride to travel with the roof off without disturbing her hair.

The regent convertible comes in choice of two colours Sapphire & Silver. It is a larger car which is comfortable for any trip.

The Lincoln town car  colours and these cars brings the two unique styles stretch limousines in Dublin  together.

Stretch Limousines are  cars are one of the most important things that couples pay less attention to. However, stretch limos are as important as any other item on the event list.

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