5 Wedding Limo Tips for Brides in Dublin

March 19th, 2018 Comments Off on 5 Wedding Limo Tips for Brides in Dublin

Planning to book a wedding limo in Dublin? There are a lot of questions that may strike your mind. First of all, you may wonder whether a wedding limousine is really necessary, then you might think how many cars you’ve to hire.

After that, you must be wondering a wedding car style that will fit your personality and preferences perfectly. With all these questions popping up in your mind, it seems easy to get a little stressed when it comes to planning your wedding.

Don’t need to worry about; instead just follow our simple wedding limo tips to choose your dream car in no time:

Think about Your Wedding Gown.

When prepping for a wedding day, the last thing any bride thinks about is the wedding gown. But do you ever think what will you do when your bridal dress won’t able to fit into the car? Some wedding cars simply work perfectly than others for more dramatic, princess-style gowns.

For a larger dress, you can choose the Baby Bentley and the Chrysler limos. For a smaller dress, you should go for the Regent Convertible and the Mercedes E Class wedding limo in Dublin.

Think about Your Travel Companion.

It’s the tradition for the bride to travel with her father. Nowadays, most of the brides challenge this tradition, seeking to travel with all of their bridal party or their family.

This is the main reason why wedding limos are becoming more and more sought after vehicles, offering roomy space for the entire party to be the part of your special journey.

Besides, you could opt for a traditional transfer and book a complimentary car for your bridal party. While not mandatory, as he’ll be traveling with you post-ceremony, your groom may want to make an entrance in the ceremony in style and luxury.

For more traditional appearance, a Regent Convertible wedding limo in Dublin is highly recommended for you. For the bridesmaids or the groom’s party, you can choose the Baby Bentley as your wedding transportation.

Book Early.

Wedding transportation companies have only a limited number of vintage wedding limos and cars available for you. They can’t assure they’ll have your wedding date available, but with prior booking of wedding limo, it is more likely you can get your hands on the car of your dreams.

Contact Wedding Limo Company Ahead of the Big Day.

Likewise, most events, proper planning make things run a lot easier and leave you relaxed before and on the Big Day. Just before the wedding, make sure you speak to your wedding limos company in Dublin and discuss timings, the route to the venue.

Remember, you should give time for any changes to the plan or diversions for the traffic or peak hours.

Think about Wedding Car Decoration.

You’ll need to think about the styling of your wedding limo in Dublin. Most of the wedding transportation companies adorn wedding cars with ribbons and bows complementing the unique theme.

Therefore, you should let them know what exactly you’re looking for and they’ll provide you the wedding limos in Dublin of your choice for your special day!

Conclusion –

Now you’ve got a few pointers regarding your wedding day transportation. For a hassle-free, relaxing, and luxurious journey to the venue, book your wedding limo in Dublin through AKP Chauffeur Drive and make an impressive entrance to your venue!

Which of our wedding car would be your dream choice for your wedding in Dublin? Feel free to tell us your answers in the comment section below or tweet us @weddingcars See our Google Location

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