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Why Should You Give Your Wedding Guests A Party Bus Ride?

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Your wedding day is no doubt the happiest day of your life, but at the same time it’s also the most stressful one, particularly when it comes to getting your guests to the wedding venue on time. A party bus hire in Dublin would be your best bet to get rid of such issues.

Let’s talk about why hiring a party bus for your Dublin wedding is the smartest & less taxing way to plan the happiest day of your life.

Party bus transportation keeps everybody together & on time:

When you offer the best stretch limousines for hire in dublin or party bus transportation to your guests they don’t arrive in dribs & drabs and you can count on them to arrive on time. You don’t need to worry regarding that one mate who’s always late, or ponder if your uncle could pursue the directions you provided her. Nobody have to be worried about parking because they are not driving. It is stress-free for everybody. Knowing all your friends or guests will be there at the venue on time keeps you on schedule, so you don’t need to worry about holding back the ceremony, dinners or speeches. When everybody is there on time & relaxed – your wedding ceremony will be a blast for sure.

Decrease the risk of mishap:

Without sounding too negative, mishaps do take place. And, the more number of people driving, the higher the possibility of one happening. Things can get even serious if there is alcohol involved.

However, when you consider a party bus hire in Dublin for your wedding transportation, those possibilities are decreased considerably because there is just one or two trip to get everybody there at your venue safely and comfortably.

Professional party bus services  in dublin ireland  have experienced chauffeurs with clean driving history to chauffeur guests around from ceremony to reception venue to hotel, keeping everybody safe. The luxury of a designated driver also lets guests to enjoy a drink & not have to risk driving themselves.

Everyone should enjoy the party:

Weddings are believed to be happy times and the best thing about a party bus hire in Dublin is they are made for fun.

Organizing carpools, arrival time, fighting over who is driving and who can or cannot have a drink isn’t much fun. Considering a party bus rental for your guest transportation lets them to cut loose & enjoy themselves to the fullest. Modern party buses have drinks, music and foods and there is even karaoke if you want your wedding guests to gets into the party mood right away.

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Consider a party bus hire in Dublin from AKP Chauffeur Drive Wedding Cars & Limousines and rest assured that your wedding guests are going to enjoy the safest possible transportation to your wedding venue. Contact us on 087 2896129 if you want to book our exclusive party transportation right now! See our Google Location